Terms & Conditions

1- Object
1.1 - These sales conditions applies: (a) to all offers contained in this website issued by Luminag, Ltd. with address on National Road 333 - No. 2079, 3750-726 - Agueda Recardães - Portugal, hereinafter Luminag;
(B) to all agreements concluded between the Luminag and any Customer who make orders via this website. 1.2 - The Luminag only accept product orders through this website subject to these terms of sale.
1.3 - Luminag may revise these terms of sale, at any time and with immediate effect after its exposure on the site. The Customer shall be bound to the terms of sale in force on the date of acceptance of your order, and therefore to consult them regularly.
1.4. All product prices may have been incorrect target when entering the site database, it is the Luminag review these errors and correct them, and may cancel any purchase that has been made with these prices.

2 - Registration Process and Order Products and Services
2.1 - Registration To make purchases through this site, you must register in advance. 2.2 - Products and Services Order
2.2.1 - Choice of way to facilitate your order De products, the products presented are grouped by categories. In each of these categories may also be aggregated subcategories. When you select a category or subcategory will have access to the product list. The products displayed on the site that you want to order, should be included in the shopping cart, through the use of "Order" option. You can also get more detailed information about the products viewed by clicking on the product name, the picture or the "Product Details" button.
2.3 - Shopping Cart After placing the shopping cart all the products you want to order, you can proceed and complete your order by following the instructions that are being given to you.
2.4 - Acceptance of Order Confirmation of the availability of the ordered products and the acceptance of your order will be made by telephone or, if this is not possible, by sending new e-mail. Only with this acceptance by Luminag will form the agreement requires Luminag and the Client, and which are part of these conditions of sale. The Luminag may withdraw at any time, any offer or change the price indicated by the existence of the agreement with the Customer.

3 - Supply and Shipping Costs
3.1 Shipments are made by operators with whom we work and only on weekdays. All sizes are free worldwide so far as it is announced by Luminag amendments thereto.

4 - Payment Methods
4.1 - The means of payment are available:

 (a) Bank Transfer

The bank transfer payments must be made no later than 5 days if this does not happen we will consider the order canceled.
You can make your payment by bank transfer using for this purpose the data available here:

Bank: Millenniumbcp

Iban: PT50 0033 0000 0000 4193 8494 0


To expedite the process, please send the transfer slip to luminag@luminag.pt and use the expression "Luminag-ecommerce" as descriptive of the transfer. Will be notified by email of the availability of their products and the status of your order.

5 - Guarantees
5.1 - The Luminag ensure compliance of the products marketed under the law for the first 6 months.
5.2 - We recommend that you keep the original sales receipt, since the matter may be requested in case of future claims under the warranty.
5.3 - The Luminag is not liable for damages resulting from improper use of the products they sold.

6 - Purchase of Resolution
6.1 - The client has a maximum period of 15 days to freely fix the purchase agreement with Luminag, since to do so proceed to the return of goods purchased under the conditions of use as they were on delivery.
6.2 - To this end, you should contact us via luminag@luminag.pt or via e-mail our office at No. (+351) 234 600 700. The return of the products, as well as the delivery of their replacements or issuing credit note or refund in cash will be made at a date agreed. You should always proceed to return the products in their original packaging with all accessories and their purchase receipt.
6.3 - In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the user Luminag the client's website may, at any time, exercise the rights of access and rectification of their data over the area of ​​the site called "My Account". If you want to cancel your account, you should contact us via luminag@luminag.pt email or through our office at No. (+351) 234 600 700.
6.4 - The computerized records are processed and stored by Luminag under appropriate security conditions. For proof of communications, just your computer record. The file of orders and invoices is made on reliable and durable support, under the law.
6.5 - The Luminag ensures the protection of personal data of its customers and the appropriate security access to servers which are in secure locations with restricted and controlled access.

7 - Other Rights and Responsibilities
7.1 - User - Each registered customer will choose a "username" and e-mail address that is unique, personal and non-transferable The password is chosen by the customer at the time of registration and must be kept secret..
7.2 - Prices and Limitation Stock existent - Prices shown are in euros. The prices quoted are exclusive to purchase through this site. The availability of the products featured on this website is limited to existing stock at every moment. Prices and other descriptions are subject to change without notice, including due to restocking.
7.3- Props Used - Some images presented on the site, especially those relating to furniture, include props to show the product in its functional context, which are not included in the price mentioned product.
7.4 - Errors in Content and Images - The Luminag assumes no responsibility for any errors in the content of the site and the information provided. Some of the images used are indicative, and may not exactly match the product concerned. The Luminag makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the Site and reserves the right to freely change the site content at any time and without notice.
7.5 - Use of the Internet - The Luminag shall not be liable for the loss and inconvenience resulting from the use of the Internet, including, for example, as a result of rupture or deficiency of service and access, external intrusion or presence of computer viruses or any force majeure.
7.6 - Newsletter - The Newsletters sent by email are for the dissemination of promotions and general information Luminag. The client may receive the newsletter, from the moment you make your registration in the newsletter or on the website, although there is no indication to the contrary in the registration form.

8 - Law and Jurisdiction
8.1 - Any agreements and documents to which the present conditions of sale are applicable are governed by Portuguese law. Disputes arising from any agreements or documents to which they apply the present conditions of sale will be submitted to the competent courts of Portugal.